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was putting up no defense whatsoever they say in an effort to get the death penalty. casey seigel is in texas with the details. >>> a bizarre twist in the trial of nidal hasan. he is defending himself with 13 counts of murder and 31 counts of attempted murder following a shooting at fort hood in 2009. court in recess after hasan's stand by attorney takes issue with representing the army sigh kie twist becau -- psychiatrist wants the death penalty. >> this attorney is saying i am having a hard time doing that because my client waived the white flag. >> the decision to represent himself gives him the opportunity to question victims on the witness stand. there is concern that experience could retraumatize those that are in the shooting. >> it is horrible to put individuals through that. this is unfortunately one of the unfortunate things that happen. >> the army major admits he was behind the attack but military law prevents him from pleading guilty since he faces a death sentence. trying the case in a nonmilitary court would be a much different situation. >> game over, don't waste tax payer mon
to the north and west and could potentially be impacting sections of texas. it will be tough for the storm to develop because we have strong winds regardless of whether it becomes a tropical storm or depression it will have heavy rooifrn the next several days and parts of the southeast. patti ann and heather i am sure you felt it cool again across the northeast with many waking up with temperatures in the 40s and 50's this morning. >> all right. maria, thanks. fall lake. >> the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up as you get ready to grab your cup of coffee a warning that you want to hear about the danger that may be lurking in your cup. >> and caught on tape a texas shoplifter lucky to be alive, her daring attempt to invade police. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! coul
across many of the areas and across parts of texas and louisiana we are talking extreme heat. a number of heat advisories in effect out here. we are talking actual temperatures making it into the triple digits you factor in the humidity it will feel like 105 to 110 degrees. southwestern parts of arkansas northwestern louisiana and eastern sections of texas. take a look at the forecast the extended forecast for the city of dallas. it will remain in triple digits. other areas of the country warming up as well new york city back in the middle 80s. yesterday only in the 70s. back to summer. >> 80 is not too bad. >> check out the viral video. this hungry bear starts out dumpster diving. then he decides he would like his meal on the go. easily dragging the 500 pound dumpster. it's the second time in the past week he has taken the dumpster from the back of the restaurant. >> he is just dragging it away. that brings us to our brew on this on the day. favorite viral videos of the week. here is a recap. >> he hit 5 home runs in a row. sign him up. >> exactly. sign that kid up. >> finally this wo
is headed to texas or canada. any one with information is being urged to call police. >>> thank you anna. around 7:30 this morning eastern time the house of horrors where ariel castro held three girls for more than a decade is being demoli demolished. google is already wiping it off the map. it has been blurred out on google street view. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole lus 1,000 years. >> federal agents uncovering a disturbing plot by mexican drug cartels to expand their network in the united states. they are teaming up with a mexican mafia prison gang. prosecutors say that it is just plain skrier. >> they are creating a superhighway to violence, money and drugs. >> 13 people have been indicted 8 are behind bars. officials say 600 pounds of methwere ceased during the investigation. 6 of the defendants were charged in state court. >> the fort hood shooting trial gets underway this morning. major nadal hasan admitted to being the gunman that killed several soldiers. he spoke for only a few minutes. 12 witnesses took the stand. one was shot in the massacre. hasan choose no
the moisture across sections of kansas and missouri a big area of high pressure over parts of texas and also louisiana helping produce the showers and storms as well. just in the past 48-hours in the past two-days areas have seen over a foot of rain over sections of missouri parts of arkansas the same across sections of oklahoma and kansas in a short amount of time. the last several days saturday into sunday you are expecting more rain out here locally over 6 inches of rain will be possible. flooding is a major concern. we want to update you. the national hurricane center updated the outlook through out the rest of the summer into snowfall. we are thinking it may be less or lower in terms of the extended outlook in terms of how many storms they are predicting. category 3 or above. pretty significant because it's still above average. >> fewer in previous years? >> fewer than previously forecasted in the beginning of the season. stim abo still above average. >> a chilling facebook that says i am going to prison. after shooting his wife jennifer alfonso dead. derek medina posted a picture of he
showing an oil rig explosion 95 mile east of san antonio texas. crews still battling claims ten hours after the blast. it exploded after workers were drilling into # the eagle ford shale. all employees inside have been accounted for. the cause is under investigation. >>> a tragic end to the search for an american woman who went missing in panama two years ago. dna tests now confirm the remains found in a backpack are evan baldeli the 42-year-old was last seen with her boyfriend in november of 2011. he was arrested this june but was not formally charged with murder. the indictment accuses him of killing her at the hotel where they were staying and dumping the body. >>> the process to carry this out has only just begun. elizabeth pran is live with the latest. this could mean a long time of appeals. good morning elizabeth. >> it could be. major nadal hassan sat motionless when he learned he was sentenced to death. he could be the nirns soldier killed in nearly 5 decades. but because they require a lengthy appeals process it could be years or more before he is put to death. through out th
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is out of the hospital and is at a physical therapy facility in the state of texas. last month the 64-year-old under went a stroke and brain surgery. it is unclear how long he will have to go to physical therapy. >> controversy over the benghazi attack to be among the so-called phony scandals president obama has been complaining about in recent speeches. even as new questions are being raised about the lack of progress in the investigation. elizabeth brprann is live in washington with more. >> as lawmakers continue to seek answers about what happened and why the night of september 11th in benghazi. we are getting a new indication of how interested the administration is. >> as time has passed and more facts have become known, whether it's about the benghazi and talking points or conduct with the irs attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >> the white house says they consider the attacks to be among one of the phony scandals. he was referring to claims republican law americas that the administration misled the public about the nature of the attack by stressing the connection
weather risk. still on the hot side in texas at this hour it's 85 degrees we are talking triple tig gets as we head through the after noovenlt parts of the great lakes and the northeast it is beautiful this morning feeling more like september weather rather than early august weather across the area. current temperatures only 60 chicago and the city of cleveland. you will stay below average in the 70s new york city, cleveland, chicago. it is absolutely gorgeous out there. 103 for dallas 103 san antonio. continuing to be on the hot side. by wednesday 105 add in a little humidity it will feel even hotter than that. otherwise, more storms. a lot of weather to talk about. >> dangerous heat. >> bring in your pets, plants and check on the elderly. >> the july jobs report broadly disappointing especially for those full-time well paying jobs. here with more on that and other top business stories this morning. jolene kent fox business network. >>> the 122,000 jobs fell short of july fell against expectations. the jobs created was worse. a disproergs pat numbers were either pay point or low paying
of excessive heat warnings for states like oklahoma, parts of arkansas, louisiana and also widespread in texas. >> it was bizarre yesterday. august and a little cool. >> felt kind of like september, october fkt i thought i was going for a pumpkin spice latte. >> stunning images from a camera of the fire chief from the asian gnaw airlines crash happened last month in san francisco. it shows moments crews arrived on scene. the desperate attempt to save the hundreds of passengers inside. local investigators are looking at the footage as part of the investigation of a 16-year-old dmienz student who was hit and killed by a fire truck on the runway. two other chinese teams died in the accident. more of the agency is recently expanded the reach the sporting event. concerts even rodeo. viper teams for flowingsnal response is making random security checks. some say they aren't necessary and they are inclusives -- intrusive. >> the jury will start deliberating james whitey buolg reshg. closing arguments took 6 hours yesterday. bulger is accused of taking part in 17 murders in the 90s and 80s. prosecutor
illegals had addresses as far as florida and texas. it is attributed to allegations illegal immigrants for using key praises like credible fear of drug cartels across the border. homeland security is defending the process. eric holder under fire. again this morning a new report from mortgage fraud working group revealed they exaggerated the record on financial fraud cases. in october the doj said it indicted 530 defendants the real number 107 that is an 80 percent difference. more than 73,000 homeowners were allegedly victims. that number was really 56,000. the doj also said they took $1 billions in reality. it was 95 million. that is more than 90 percent off. the justice department says it regrets the errors. this morning there's another benghazi bombshell a lawyer representing one of the benghazi whistleblowers says 400 air missiles were stolen and there are strong fears they could be used to target an airliner. doug luzader is live in washington with the latest. doug? >> good morning. this is one more explosive allegation in the aftermath of the benghazi attack. it raises new questi
are handing over documents from her personal i mail account. >> a frightening discovery for a texas couple where they heard voices on their child's baby monitor but it wasn't an intruder, it was hackers. a warning for every parent. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you everyone as we wake up here on the east coast half past the hour. good morning to you. it is wednesday morning and welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> it is 5:30 on the east coast that means we are going to get right to our first story a fox news alert. a 12-hour hostage standoff ending with the gunman and one of the hostages dead. >> anna kooiman has all of the breaking details. good morning to you, anna. what can you tell us? >> police identifying the gunman at around 1:00 a.m. eastern. they shot and killed the 20-year-old after storming a bank in st. joseph where he was holding two people hostage. but as the swat team entered the suspect shot both hostages we are told in the chest. one of them died. at this hour the other is in critical condition at the hospital. authorities
kardashian reportedly kicked him out after he rejected an attempt at an intervention. >>> a texas boy bravely calling 911 after intruders break in in the middle of the day. adam wright has the amazing story. >> 911. where's the emergency, hello? >> someone's trying to break into my house. >> reporter: you're listening to the voice of 12-year-old dionne murdoch who was left alone home tuesday when police say two burglars broke in. >> they just broke the window. >> they just broke the window. what room are you in? >> i'm in my mother's room right now. please hurry. >> i am. stay on the call. >> reporter: he was told to lock himself in the room. he hidden in in the closet scared for his life. >> i'm going to have to whisper because i can hear them coming in. >> reporter: and then a terrifying realization. >> they're in here. >> they're inside the room now. they're inside the bedroom where he's at. you there? okay. just stay there. the officers will catch the guy, okay? >> sounds like there are multiple people. >> reporter: officers saw two men run out of the house and into the woods. >> so is th
and audio. that will mauk you feel old. >> texas republican governor plan to go run for president again 2016. a strong sign he could be after he announced he will be returning to iowa this fall. he will be the guest speaker at polk county republican dinner there. he says he will not be running for reelection in texas. he ran for president in 2012. >> time now to brew on this. students at one california high school better be careful what they post on facebook twitter or insta gram that is because big brother is watching. >> the school district hired an outside company to monitor their activity. officials say it is to stop bullying. >> we are educators 24/7. we are not an arm of the law not out to get kids we are out to educate kids. but part of it is we have kids who are hurting. >> the students will be affected by this because they really hold their prooifr see on a high level. >> should schools be looking at the sites or is it the parent's job to do this. >> tweet us or shoot us an e-mail. we will read some of those later in the show. >> a race car flips over erupts into flames and the driv
to the next several. they plan to sell the losue the you lone star state. texas is using a law in order to restrict voting on the basis of race. parents at an elementary school are outraged after finding out the newly elected prints pal dana carter was making children kneel and waiting for them to december miss him. he put it in place as a safety measure but after several complaints gherting rid of it. >> coming up for a second time this week a random act of violence has taken a life. this time it was the life of an 89-year-old veteran to survived whorld war 2 only to be beaten to death by two teenagers. >> one tennessee theater owner is refusing to show a butler. on this day in history in 1992 "unforgiven" directed by and starring clint eastwood was the number one movie. uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app. >> for the second time this week a random act of viole
. passengers of an air trance flight was going from maryland to texas. a imapassenger tried to open an emergency exit forcing the plane to make an emergency landing near memphis, tennessee. the flight landed safely and the suspect was taken into custody for questioning. >> happening today the four state department plies punished for not doing their jobs for the benghazi terror attacks will be back in cork. >> they were placed on leave including deputy assistant secretary charlene lamb. raymond maxwell the only one to lose his job after benghazi was cleared to return. maxwell was the deputy assistant secretary for that region. he says he was a scapegoat. they have detained the leader of a muslim brotherhood. he was captured in an apartment building in eastern cairo. it was a major blow to the party mohammed morsi. pat leahy has secretly cut off aid to egypt. they have not definitively said whether the ouster was a coup. $585 million has not been disbursed. >> do you remember the employees setting up brothels without being caught? >> what do you think of my ideas? >> that's exactly wh
the military trial in texas. >> we have heard 90 witnesses release stories of horror heroism and heartache. >> wefrom the prosecution standpoint there's an abundance of information. >> he is serving as his own lawyer. he asked him several times if he wishes to continue down the path even though she strongly advises against it. he has not budged. >> when you choose to represent yourself you don't have to be a good lawyer but you can't complain later that you got a bad lawyer at trial. that is what he will be stuck with. he has a choice of whether he will testify although he can't make statements rather ask himself questions and answer them. they heard testimony from a fort hood police sergeant credited with shooting hasan and ending the attack. it sounded like thousands of rounds of fire. he says i shot five rounds at the shooter the shooter went a couple of times and slid down the telephone pole which hassan was leaning up against. i left the shooter in handcuffs and in care of medics. >> we were told he would call two witnesses to the stand. if so closing arguments would begin and go to t
today. >> in a few hours day five of the fort hood trial resumes in texas. prosecutors say it could wrap up sooner than expected. army major nadal hassan has only cross examined two of the witnesses called friday. they remember the terrifying moment the two opened fire. many thought it was a training exercise. hassan admits to killing 13 people and wounding 31 others in the 2009 rampage. hassan is charged with murder and could face the death penalty. >> the sister of an american missionary prisoner in north korea is begging the u.s. to help bring him home. her brother is having serious het problems and lost more than 50 pounds. he was arrested back in november accused of activities against the government. he was sentenced to hard labor and north korea is using his health problems as a bargaining chip to spark negotiations with the united states. >> extreme weather alert for you at daybreak in colorado crews will continue searching for a woman last seen clinging to a tree during flash flood and mud slide that left at least one person dead. witnesses saw the young women they describe her a
this is in california, florida, new york and texas. the nuclear proliferation project completed the report. >> is it tebo time in new england? >> scary moments for patriots fans. he goes down and he is clutching his knee. this happened during a joint practice with the tampa pay buccaneers. he walked off the field under his own power. doctors say he is listed day-to-day. he is expected to return to practice. it could mean more season time for tim tebow to celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday. >> check out these photos of a fire nado. also known as a fire whirl. it was in utah. the fire burned nearly 2,000 ashgs and destroyed 14 homes. they can be formed in one of two-ways. when a tornado spins too close to a forest fire or a heavy concentration of heat is generated in a small area. >> that is so interesting. i have never heard of that. >> folks in utah hoping for rain certainly. there are actually flooding fears across quite a few states. >> much of the southeast preparing for a heavy day. maria molina has all of the details. >> it has been a wet summer over parts of the southeastern u.s.
tomorrow. temperature wise a hot one texas 99 for a high in san antonio. it will be a pretty muggy day in new york city. we have seen showers outside early this morning. >> maybe it will cool it down. >> maria molina, thank you. >> president obama hits the road today he's hoping to make a shift to domestic issues as one foreign crisis after another heats up. doug luzader is live in washington with the latest for us. good morning, doug. >> good morning patti ann. opting on board the secrete service is preparing for the big trip from new york to pennsylvania. it is an excursion the white house is defending even as events apraud are beginning -- abroad are beginning to eclipse a domestic agenda. >> there isn't any less attention being paid to the ongoing violence in egypt or reports of chemical weapons used in syria or any other range of serious things happening across the globe. >> it is syria now that may be moving quickly to the front burner. the shocking images of children killed in a chemical weapons attack. part of the rebel groups there. if so it's the syrian government once again
been linked to a megachurch in texas. health officials expect that number to go up. the outbreak started when someone visited the church who contracted that disease overseas. officials say the sick range in age from 4 months for 44 years old and a majority of them are not vaccinated because the church advocates faith healing before seeking medical attention. >>> it is a grim warning from treasury secretary jack lew. he says congress must act by mid october or we will hit the nation's debt ceiling. that is $16.7 trillion. so what happens if lawmakers don't raise the debt ceiling? lew says the government will only have $50 billion in cash left. he says that may not be enough to cover social security or medicare payments and military salaries. >>> news out of syria might seem so far away and like it doesn't directly affect you. but guess what, it could be affecting your wallet. for more on this this and your other top business stories, let's turn to fox business network's jolene kemp with the latest. >>> the ongoing cost of the potential conflict in syria is now affecting the market
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)